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Entomology books
Books about Insect - Bugs for collectors

In the world of entomology, there is a wide array of resources available for studying insects and their fascinating lives. One such resource is entomological books, which cover a vast range of topics related to insects and their habitats.
Many entomologists turn to encyclopaedias of insects to learn more about the vast diversity of insect species that exist in the world. These specialized publications provide in-depth information on everything from insect taxonomy to insect behavior, ecology, evolution, and physiology.

Entomological atlases

Entomological atlases are another valuable resource for those interested in the insect world. These books contain detailed illustrations and descriptions of various insect species, making them essential for anyone studying entomology.

Entomological books

Insect collection

In addition to entomological literature, many entomologists also build a collection of entomological books that cover a wide range of topics within the field. From books on insects and beetles to those focusing specifically on Coleoptera, there is no shortage of information available to those looking to expand their knowledge of insects.

Insect behavio

Biological diversity - Biodiversity

Entomological research is a key area of study for many entomologists who focus on understanding the behaviour, ecology, evolution and physiology of insects. This research is often published in entomological journals, which serve as a valuable source of information for those wishing to keep up to date with biodiversity and the latest advances in the field.

Entomology museums

Entomological collections of Coleoptera

For those looking to explore the insect world further, entomology museums offer a unique opportunity to view insect collections up close. These museums house vast collections of insects from around the world, allowing visitors to get a closer look at the incredible diversity of insect species in Coleoptera entomological collections.

World of insects

Whether you're an experienced entomologist or just starting out in the world of insects, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn more about these fascinating creatures. From books and encyclopedias to research journals and museum collections, the world of entomology is a rich and diverse field with interesting families such as Cerambycidae, Carabidae, Buprestidae, Cicindelidae, etc. waiting to be discovered.


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The best books on Bugs - Cerambycidae, Carabidae, Buprestidae, Cicindelidae

Books on coleoptera Beetles

xplore the well-known and lesser-known families of Coleoptera: Cleridae, Anthribidae, Attelabidae, Belidae, Brentidae, Caridae, Curculionidae, Ithyceridae, Nemonychidae, Mordellidae, Meloidae, Elateridae, Geotrupidae, Lucanidae, Passalidae, Scarabaeidae, Staphylinidae, Prioninae ...

Encyclopedia of Entomology and Natural History books

Popular family names are also hidden under the names: Prionids, Carabids, Ground Beetles, Longhorn Beetles, Jewel Beetles, Tiger Beetles,Scarab Beetles, Rove Beetles ...

identify BeetlesBug Identification

Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, Cicindelidae ...

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